Development Timeline Goals

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Development Timeline Goals

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:22 pm

Listed below are intended goals for development(and server related) goals in DB:EU:

By September 10, 2015 - This will consist of the first "complete" public version of this game. Content-wise, it will be largely the same as it currently is, with some feature additions(IE, the Giant Namekian form, completion of higher level SSJ forms), whereas bug and balance wise it will be, ideally, almost perfect.

After September 10, 2015 - Development will slow down a bit due to school starting, but updates should still happen on a 2-3 daily basis, if somewhat small ones. Hopefully we will have a 24/7 host who has a better connection than myself by this point.

By January 1, 2016 - This is just a rough estimate of exactly when this will happen, but I plan to have a significantly better and feature-filled game by this point. The game code will be open-sourced so that other people can expand upon the game.I feel as though it would be a massive waste to the RP community to not open-source this game, considering the entire purpose of me making this code from scratch was due to not being able to find a source. DBZ sources on Byond seem to be worth their weight in gold - they're the only sources I've ever seen people actually try to sell here, even when those being sold weren't exactly high-quality. Hopefully, this will satisfy the demand for sources and help more people make DBZ RP games. For all of those that exist on Byond, I've yet to see one that satisfies my own criteria.

Generally, they're either filled with admin abuse(90% of servers), shitty role-players(DU), or decent role-play but people who spend seven hours typing a role-play about tying their shoes(Encore). More DBZ games being released won't necessarily fix this, but it has a good chance to do so in case this game ever goes down itself.


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