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Goals of this game

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:40 am

I've been asked several times what is and isn't in the game, and for a game that just became stable about a week ago, the answer doesn't always provide much insight as to what will be in the game in the future. Therefore, I have decided to make a topic addressing all of my current future goals for this game:

First and foremost:This is a niche server, of a sort. It always has been intended to be so, and always will be as long as I'm the developer. As to what this means: I plan to develop a game that is based on the greater Dragonball universe, and in-depth but easily learned features and mechanics.

To elaborate this with an example: Dragonballs, despite being the namesake of Dragonball, will probably never be a feature in this game. That is because if you were to go to anywhere in the Dragonball Universe outside of Earth or Namek, they wouldn't exist. Hence, they are a feature of the specific DBZ Universe shown in the manga and anime - our focus is on external, unique universes that vary from wipe to wipe.

An interesting thing about me is that the first time I played on Finale Retro, I died within about 10 minutes and asked how to find King Kai(I was about 10 years old and had no idea what role-play meant). But to be frank, I think that including very specific techniques is about tantamount to including a character from the actual Dragonball verse - aside from that, it makes for painfully repetitive wipes.

Senzu beans are another example of a feature which will never be added - basically, only the core elements of Dragonball Z(Super Saiyan, Ki(but never highly specific techniques which can be replaced by rare and player-made ones), etc) will be coded in, with the remnant being replaced with other elements. For example, a medical and chemistry system(replacing senzu beans) is a work in progress, and no specific techniques from the DBZ Universe or coded-in ranks will ever exist. Rather, the features that allow people to make their own special techniques(and learn rare) ones either already exist or will in the near future.

If you've ever played simultaneous wipes on the average DBZ RP game, you might have incidentally noticed that they're always the goddamn same.Seriously, I've seen games where the same person has the same rank every wipe, the same character every wipe, always role-plays with the same people, and always does the same things. Which is fine, I suppose, if you're a special snowflake, in which case this probably isn't the game for you. My intention with making player-developed features and nothing constant in each wipe is to avoid that. The randomness of the training and Ki-learning systems, as well as random mutations, will also help in that respect. Even as it is, it's highly unlikely that you will be able to do half the same things in simultaneous wipes.

The afterlife is not a focus right now and may never be - in fact, I think I'm going to replace it entirely with permanent death. Genuine Demons were never a cannon race in DBZ, and I always found the idea of Kaios somewhat annoying - an overpowered race of gods with forced allignments that exists for pretty much no reason other than to screw with villians and make the good guys(which is generally the majority of the server even without Kaios) have an even easier job.

tl;dr - To make for interesting and unique wipes, severalmany "must-have" features of Dragonball games that never should have existed in the first place due to being incredibly over-poweredare deemed unnecessary will never exist.


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