Royal Family [[ First Wipe ]]

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Royal Family [[ First Wipe ]]

Post by dra24680 on Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:21 am

Monarch Of Vegeta: Kasumi and Akri(Dead, Killed by Lord Morgue.)  

Heads Of Royal Family: Kasumi - Akri(Dead) - New Queen is being looked for.

Princes/Princesses: Akisumi - Ngara

Location Of Palace: 202,469,3, Vegeta

Era: First Era Of Existence.

Racial Origins Of The Royal Family: Saiyan/Alien/Jungle/Vegeta

Strengths: Power,

In the First Era Of Existence, a young boy called Kasumi encountered a young Alien called Akri on the Planet Vegeta. They had just met, and they bonded forever. Akri came from the Jungle Moon, and she had just landed on Vegeta with an advanced pod, giving Kasumi resources and the ability to make technology. They grew up, and had a prince called Akisumi and made a palace in the North Of Vegeta. Kasumi became the King Of Vegeta, and so the story of a great leader began. Later, when Kasumi grew into an adult, Akri went to her home Jungle to collect some resources. There, she was viciously killed by a Changeling called Morgue. Morgue later invaded Vegeta and attempted to murder Kasumi, but Kasumi managed to transform into a Super Saiyan and finished the Changeling off. Kasumi continued his rule, and later, a young boy from the same Moon as Akri killed him, therefore eliminating the First Monarchy.

Second Era Of Existence -

So, Kasumi died at the hands of Vals, a young Jungle Alien. Vals left the planet, and Kasumi's son, Akisumi succeeded him as King.

King - Akisumi

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